The Harley motorcycle models you should know before buying

2019 softail motorcycles, Custom Vehicle Operations motorcycles (CVOs), Sportster, and trikes are just a few of the terms you will probably encounter whilst choosing a Harley Davidson (HD) motorcycle to buy.

Those are actually HD models you should know about for you to have the best motorcycle purchase. After all, you want to buy a motorcycle that fits your skills and intended purpose.

The motorcycle models of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson has 8 model classifications of their motorcycles, with each having certain specifications and features. This makes Harley Davidson able to provide the best motorcycle for your intended purpose and driving skills, instead of simply giving you a generic option.

Here are these models:

HD street motorcycle

The street motorcycles are HD’s entry-level options, which are perfect for beginners in motorcycling. They have a relatively smaller size than common Harley motorcycles and are lightweight for easier control. Check Gasoline Alley for more details.

These are also a perfect motorcycle for an urban or downtown commute.

HD Sportster motorcycle

Sporting either an 883 cc or 1,200 cc engine, the sportsters are Harley Davidson’s models for speedy rides within the city. They’re relatively small as well, notably having an appearance of racing motorbikes.

Moreover, these belong to another entry-level group of motorcycles from the brand, thus making the 2019 sportster motorcycle a good choice for beginners.

HD Dyna motorcycle

If you’re not satisfied with the weight of the sportsters, a Dyna should be perfect for you. It has big twin engines, and it’s quite heavier weight significantly adds to its power too.

HD Softail motorcycle

With 2019 softail motorcycles as its latest editions, the HD softail could fit you well if you want superior comfort. Its rear-wheel suspension makes your ride far more comfortable, as it won’t cause too much pressure on your back.

Moreover, this is also best for general use, with its big-twin engine and fantastic design making it a fantastic motorbike.

HD V-Rod

If you want a superior cruiser with a powerful engine, the V-Rod is for you. It sports a 60-degree V-Twin engine and has a sleek overall design to brag about.

HD touring motorcycle

Do you love to tour around the country? The HD touring motorcycle should fit you well.

It has a powerful engine that could bring you to long stretches of highways, plus its luggage allowance is spacious enough for your supplies.

HD CVO motorcycle

If you want a highly customizable Harley, the 2019 CVO Limited should be perfect for you. The CVO stands for Custom Vehicle Operation, making it popular for motorcyclists who want to make an impression whilst on the road.

HD trike motorcycle

A three-wheeled product of the Harley Davidson, the HD trike is a perfect motorcycle for long-distance touring. It has spacious compartments, which could even fit two full-sized helmets.

Moreover, its comfort and driving convenience is something not to miss. This makes the Harley Davidson 2019 trike a reliable touring motorcycle for people who has difficulties in driving big two-wheeled Harleys.

Quite a long list, but this could certainly help you in having a glimpse of the Harley Davidson’s motorcycle models. You just have to know more to see which will fit you well and choose from the 2019 softail motorcycles, 2019 HD sportsters or 2019 trike among some other options.

Buy it from a reliable dealer like the, and you can have a Harley that’s perfect for your preference and needs.