Presenting Yet Latest Masterpieces from Skoda

Skoda has two more masterpiece SUVs in their flagship now. New Skoda SUV models are being planned to be launched in the next two years. Skoda Kodiaq is the larger SUV and is planned to be out by 2017. It is a seven-seater SUV and will be available in both petrol and diesel engines.


Then the new Skoda Yeti is another new Skoda marvel product and will be available by 2018.

Pipeline Skoda Car

By 2020, you will have another new Skoda car that will be a fully electric SUV. Skoda waived off the idea applying electric-technology to any existing model. Instead, it has chosen to launch a new vehicle for this project. Of course, it will be more expensive than petrol or diesel cars.

Successful launches of Skoda

The first model of Skoda Fabia, a supermini car was launched in 1999. The success story is all about its mechanical parts. Those were developed by or in unification with Volkswagen at a very low price. Now the new Skoda Fabia has been a benchmark among all the generations. This model is more dynamic and additionally animated. It is fashionable and has been designed with fervour.

The design the new Skoda Fabia has been a fusion of crystalline shapes and sharp lines, interior shine with high-end materials, precision and top workmanship. The interiors have an emphasis on horizontal lines making this small care appear more spacious and self-assured. The exterior is well balanced with a powerful road-stance. The appearance of the grille and headlights is optically stronger with the powerfully contoured bonnet.

Technology used: Latest technology used gives optimal torque and low fuel consumption features. The small petrol engine model is most suited with drive within the city due to the fact that it reaches an optimal temperature quickly. Its diesel engine is available in two power levels with low consumption and excellent suspension features. It has excellent feature of using smartphones through SmartLink technology. This enables you to listen to any music of your choice via the smartphone or have direction guidance – all through in-built touchscreen radio of the car.

Comfort features: It’s available on high segment vehicles with safer mobility and comfort. This new model is environmentally friendly as well as money saving. Low fuel consumption and low carbon dioxide emission are its remarkable features. Besides, it is light in weight as compared to the previous generations.

Dimensions: It has longer wheelbase improving the comfort. The body is short with sufficient luggage compartment area.

Skoda Yeti – Another Benchmark

Why choose this one? Perfectly designed Skoda Yeti has been a choice of many.

Design: The exterior is sharp with clear etched lines. It has silver roof rails and the outer mirror and side mouldings elaborate simplicity. The radiator grille has a chrome surround. Turn indicators incorporated into the housing of the external mirrors improve visibility of the driver. Interiors have been designed intelligently.

Technology: SmartLink used gives information to connect a smartphone with in-built infotainment via MirrorLinkTM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Skoda, with years of successful launch of models has lots of new cars lined up. Get the best car on road and be your neighbour’s envy.