Klr650: Specs and Overview

Motorcycles are a good way of maneuvering in and out of traffic. Aside from that, they are also a lot cheaper and a lot easier to maintain. But don’t be fooled by the miniscule stature of these bad boys because they can be really powerful. The bigger bikes that have over 600 cc machines can create torques of more than five thousand RPM’s (rounds per minute). One good example is the Kawasaki klr650 that has pleased motor bike enthusiasts around the world. So, anytime you see a klr650 for sale, think about these specs first so that you would know what it is.


Before buying a klr650 for sale, you should know what it is. This machine is an all-terrain motor bike that is suitable for both rough roads such as mountains and deserts and smooth roads such as regular highways. Its engine is 8.3 inches away from the ground which means that it can tolerate waters as high as a foot and a half. It has a 4 stroke, DOHC engine at 4 valves per cylinder which makes it a pure beast. Because of that, its engine is able to produce 42.1 horse power a seven thousand rounds per minute!

Aside from the engine, another stunning feature of this motor bike is its suspension system. It has a 41 millimeter long air adjustable suspension fork that glides through rocks and other uneven terrain. Its wheels are huge and have huge spikes for superior grip and resistance against the terrain.

Starting, transmission and brakes

If you are somebody who is tired of kicking the kick starter to get the engine fired up, then you should consider one of the klr650 for sale that are displayed in your local bike shop. It has an electronic ignition system that lets you start the engine with just a simple push of a button. Crazy Dogs

In terms of transmission, this bad boy has a five gear transmission system. Unlike conventional motorcycles that only get to the fourth gear, you can reach greater speeds without harming your gear. This is because the klr650 for sale in Brisbane enables a smoother chain revolution due to the looser fifth gear.

The Brisbane klr650 for sale that are displayed have superior braking systems. This is primarily to counter the great speeds that it can get and to provide overall control to the rider. The front brake is composed of a single disc at 280 millimeters in circumference with two piston calipers. On the other hand, the rear brake is composed a single disc at 230 millimeters in circumference with a single piston caliper in place. Since they are disc brakes, this means that hydraulics are used to stop the wheels from turning. Unlike drum brakes that fail when the rubber inside it is diminished, all you have to do with this kind of braking system is to make sure that the brake fluid is sufficient.

Things to remember

The Kawasaki klr650 is indeed a magnificent piece of brilliant Japanese engineering. So, the thing that you should be wary about is the bike shop that you are going to choose and not the bike itself. In order for you to find klr650 for sale in Brisbane and land a good deal, spend a lot of time researching before making any purchase.