How to Make Your Shipping Container Granny Flat to be Energy Efficient

The cost of energy keeps skyrocketing these days. That is why most homeowners today are looking for ways on how to save energy bills. A shipping container is another material you can use. You can convert it into a shipping container granny flat for your property.


shipping container granny flat


A shipping container granny flat is a great model on the effective use of space. But just like most home in Australia, these are not exempted from using energy for heating or cooling. That is why it is important to style your granny flats in a sustainable way.


Making your shipping container granny flat environmentally sustainable is a great way to save money while enjoying the comforts of your granny flats. Below are a few suggestions on making your granny flats sustainable:


1. Use Green Building Materials and Insulation – Insulation is a must for all homes. A minimum of R2.5 ceiling insulation is ideal for most homes in Australia. Make use of insulation boards, double glazed windows, and even thermal and acoustic insulation for your walls. Choose insulation boards that are eco-friendly but serves their purpose of insulating your home.


2. Conserve Water – For your Australian shipping container granny flat to be self-sufficient, take advantage of rainwater collection. This helps you collect water that you can use to wash your clothes, your dishes and even water your plants during dry summer months. You can also recycle your water. No need to throw water that you use for washing your clothes or dishes as you can use them to wash your cars or flush your toilet.


3. Take Advantage of Sunlight – Sunlight is an unlimited source of energy. Once you trap it, you can have the means to light up your home and use your appliances without paying higher energy bills. You can either install skylights or solar panels for maximum energy savings. It is a great way to make your shipping container granny flat in Australia to be self-sufficient.


Why Install Granny Flats?


The cost of real estate increases year after years and they never depreciate. If you have granny flats installed in your backyard, you get to enjoy these advantages:


    • Increase Property Value – Granny flats are considered an asset for home buyers. Most buyers would be willing to pay more for your property if you have granny flats installed. If you are planning to sell a large property, adding a granny flat give you the edge to offer a higher rate.


    • Alternate Source of Income – Homeowners can now have an option to rent out their primary home and use their granny flats instead. Or you can stay in your big house and rent out your granny flats to new couples or to elderly loved ones. The rental money can be used to cover maintenance costs and to pay any home mortgage bills you have.


    • Extra Space for Family – You can convert your granny flats into a small office or a space for grandma when she visits. You can also use the space for your older children to teach them how to be independent adults.


When it comes to installing granny flats, it is best to rely on experts. You may need builders to install them for you or make the necessary adjustments once the granny flat is delivered to your home. You can also find shipping container granny flat Australia has today to check if they can help you set it up. You may also visit for more details.