Get Expert VW Service in Brisbane

In order to fully enjoy your Volkswagen, every part of the vehicle needs to be in the best working order and the vehicle be in tip-top shape. That‘s why you need the best quality VW service in Brisbane that will help get tip-top performance and reliability with your vehicle while also saving you money over the long term.  With the best quality auto-servicing for your VW vehicles, you can sit back and relax and be safe in the knowledge that your car is being handled by experienced and highly professional technicians who know what they are doing. You need to be safe in the knowledge that highly trained experts are working on your vehicle using high quality as well as approved VW parts.

Your VW Maintenance Checklist

In order to keep your car in best condition, you need VW service in Brisbane that will take care of repairs and maintenance for the following:

The Vehicle Exhaust System

It is important to ensure that you are using original VW exhaust that is fitted on your car with great expertise and professionalism by technicians who know what they are doing. If you need an old part replaced, you will need a new one that will match your vehicle perfectly and offer you top notch quality. This way, your regular VW maintenance will also last for a longer duration of time.

Particle filters

Modern diesel engines have been built with diesel particulate filters. These will get rid of any harmful pollutants which are coming from the exhaust. You need this fixed by well-trained and best equipped technicians that can competently address your concerns.

Tyres Health Check

Good tyres generally contribute to excellent vehicle performance. If your VW tyres need replacing, the VW service in Brisbane should be able to offer you perfect tyres for your prized car at reasonable pricing.

Air Conditioning

The vehicle’s aircon generally requires regular maintenance so as to keep the air fresh and free-flowing. This will also ensure that your vehicle is free from any odour-causing bacteria. During your vehicle servicing, it is also possible to obtain a system gas recharge.


All the lighting on your VW vehicle has been designed to be bright, stylish and also safe. These include the brake lights, indicators as well as the vehicle’s headlights. The vehicle’s lights must work perfectly in order to ensure your safety and that of the road users. These can be checked during a VW service in Brisbane.

Oil change

It is hard to imagine a VW service without the customary oil change in the vehicle. Regular oil changes in the vehicle will always guarantee a reliable and healthy engine. When carrying the oil change, a professional VW service in Brisbane will use the right oil grade to ensure top-notch engine performance.

Vehicle Suspensions

Your Volkswagen will handle and also ride beautifully thanks to the innovative designs of its suspensions. In order to keep the rides smooth, it is imperative that springs in the vehicle as well as the shock absorbers are checked on a regular basis. If there is a problem, these should be replaced using approved and original parts.


The discs and brake pads will generally wear out after some time. Regular inspection as well as maintenance of the braking system is required in order to ensure the vehicle is working in the best condition. The brake fluid must also be replaced at regular intervals.

Those are some of the important things that you should have on your VW maintenance checklist. Other areas that may need inspecting include battery, windscreens and wipers, as well as the clutch. With regular and top quality maintenance, your VW can have a longer working life and serve you adequately for years.