Worries About the Theory Test

Let us get one thing straight from the beginning. You do not have to pass your theory test before starting your practical lessons. In fact you will be placing yourself under a severe disadvantage if you do it this way. You do however have to pass the theory test before applying for the practical test. About half way through your driving lessons, you will have personally experienced almost everything you are likely to be asked in the theory test. You will be able to answer from experience. This is much easier than learning it cold from a book. Try to time your theory test to take place at that point, then, if successful, you will be able to apply for the practical.

So you’re worried about the theory test? No need. The theory test replaces the old Highway Code questions that the examiner used to ask at the end of the practical test. So why are there so many questions? The reason for this is that the examiner had just seen a sample of your driving and knew various weak points that he wanted to clarify. So the examiner asked questions on just those. No need to cover things that you had demonstrated you knew, during your driving, except a few motorway questions. The theory test has no idea of your capabilities so has to cover a wide field to test general knowledge of driving matters. Any of the questions in the theory test would have been perfectly legitimate questions for the examiner to ask during the highway code “and other motoring matters”, questions.

To get familiar with possible motorway topics, go on the motorway as a passenger, with your driving instructor and pointing out the various features and what they are for. I know you have probably been on the motorway before, but not as a lesson!

Most people pass the theory test first time. Of those that don’t, a large proportion learnt it “cold”. Don’t join them!

So there you are then, nothing to worry about

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