A Car Computer

There is available, right now, a computer that will drive your car for you. It uses present technology for steering and route planning and nothing needs to be added to the road system or traffic signs.

It will not let you make a mistake of any sort, however small, and yet sits there in the background unobtrusively, allowing you to enjoy the driving and the scenery. It is monitoring the situation all the time, and seamlessly takes over if needed. It has a database of common happenings, as supplied, and add to these as it is used, eventually having thousands to recall instantly, to help it decide what to do.

Think about it. You will not even be able to start the engine without checking for neutral. Or drive off without rear observation. Or go faster than it is safe or legal. Or drive without your seat belt on. Or forget to use your mirror. Or position wrongly on the road, forget to signal or steer badly while turning. No more shooting the lights.

It will remind you to check the tyres occasionally, and look at the engine oil and water, see if the brake fluid is okay, and will tell you when a service is necessary, or the road tax, insurance or MOT are nearly used up. It is a fantastic device!

It is free. You already have it. It is installed every time you get into your car.

Turn it on!

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